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Let's connect together to change the world.

we believe that building a strong economy means building strong communities.We Believe that the BIPOC Community can contribute as well in the local & global economy. 

As part of the International Decade for African Descent People (2015-2024) proclaimed by the United Nations and Black History Month, Statistics Canada publishes a booklet on February 25, 2020 entitled: "Diversity of the black population in Canada: an overview ", which demonstrated that in several cities in Canada, black communities have more difficulty finding employment and are discriminated against in terms of wages. Considering this,

Considering that the Black Community has the under represented founders and has the difficulty in obtaining funds for their business, considering that entrepreneurship is an important creation of wealth in society,

Considering that the population of Africa will reach more than 2.5 billion people in 2050 and will represent a huge potential for the African and the global economy, considering that African descent entrepreneurs living in Canada can represent an economic bond between Canada and Africa,


The ''BLACK ECONOMIC INCLUSION'' Program will support Black entrepreneurs (who own at least 50% of a start-up / Business) in Canada. The program's mission is to make black people more economically inclusive through Collective entrepreneurship. How? By Connecting people (entrepreneurs), Providing free workshops, free mentoring,  and investors meeting.

Who can participate (Who can be a member) in this program? Black people (entrepreneurs) and non-black people (entrepreneurs) who associate with a black person (entrepreneurs).

How the program works ?

1- Complete the program registration form to receive the password to access the special program members page

1- Register for

free as a member

2- Choose one or more types of businesses (groups) that you have or would like to have / invest. Once you have chosen the type of business, you could get to know the other members. Members will publish different projects to seek business partners.

3- After, as a member registered you will have access to NLPI Academy for workshops and meeting mentors.


4- We will let you know for the investors meeting.

Any Questions ? Contact us !

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