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 " Greetings i invite you to please take a few moments to read how this
vision was born. I would like to briefly explain how the Foundation's
mission in Canada was born.I spent 1 year without income, without a job
and became essentially homeless in 2020. And regardless still found the

inspiration to officially create this foundation. "

Gerald Maurice Mboussa, Chairman & Founder


It was 2008 during my last year of high school in Congo-
Brazzaville (Africa), before leaving my country, my mother did
something that had awakened something in me. after having always
studied in good private schools, she had decided for my last year in
high school to put me in a public school where she was a teacher, so
that I can have a good follow-up and succeed in my exam which leads
to the university.

Picture : the Founder's Parent : Clarisse & Joseph M'boussa

Thomas sankara.jpeg

This transition was a shock for me! I had left a school where we were about twenty students in a classroom, to a school where 103 students was an average class.

The most intelligent students I met were in this public school.

It was witnessing these things that I realized that I was privileged and something special was born in me:

Seeing all these intelligent students studying in these conditions and can not afford better schools, it truly breaks my heart.


I quickly discovered that i have a sensitivity to social issues. So the idea arose in me to create the New Line Production International Foundation (NLPI Foundation) which would finance the conditions of schools in Congo-Brazzaville and in Africa by producing events.

a picture of Thomas Sankara Hight school by national television of Republic of Congo


4 pictures of me in Algeria in 2010 and 2011


Some time after starting the registration of the Foundation in Congo, I got a scholarship to go to study Geology in Algeria for 3
years at a university. Being always sensitive to social problems, I had experienced  racism and the Christianophobia in Algeria.


So I had decided to take a stand by presenting myself to the elections of the association of Congolese students in Algeria. I became the
second head of the executive office of the deputy secretary general (essentially a Vice President). I intended to defend the rights of Congolese students in Algeria and to produce different events. Two years later, in 2012 I won the elections to become the head of the office as Secretary General ( equivalent to a President).



After Algeria, I came to study in Quebec (Canada) in November 2013 then I decided to immigrate. I always had this vision to create the Foundation but I was thinking about how I could serve in the society through the Foundation, here in Canada !


I faced systemic racism, I experienced difficulties in finding 
jobs in my field, and I saw around me that many blacks experienced difficulties in integration due to the racism and live in poverty. As an entrepreneur, I also experienced difficulties like many black people i know.

Picture : Montreal : 2014

My love for events leads me to do a lot of volunteering with the
Fabien Colas Foundation's events (Montreal Black Film Festival, Haiti en Folie and others). Also,  with other organization as well. Then i have learned and decided that the NLPI Foundation will help black people to better integrate economically in Canada and produce events for founding our programs.


July/28/2019 with Fabienne Colas, the founder of Fabienne Colas Foundation

event : Haiti en folie Festival, Montreal

February/23rd/2019 with Fabienne Colas, the founder of Fabienne Colas Foundation

event : Fade to Black Festival, Montreal


September/26/2019 with Dr. Yusef Salaam

event : Montreal Black Film Festival, Montreal

May/20/2019 with Sunil Sharma, cohost of the collision Conference, a web summit's event in Toronto


In 2020 during this difficult year, I lost my job during the processing of my application for permanent residence, my employer who should extend my work permit changed his mind at the last minute. I found myself without the right to work during the Covid-19 pandemic !


Without a work permit, I do not have a Social Insurance Number (without this i can’t work legally) and I cannot ask for government assistance. I then lose my apartment and I became homeless for 1 year, without income !

During this difficult time in 2020, the world experienced the tragic event of George Floyd's death in the USA and all the global support that followed, that's when I wrote the Black Economic Inclusion (Beinclusion) program during these events , for the economic inclusion of black people. 

All what i have being through has lead me to my purpose : Serving my community.

The NLPI Foundation was officially registered in Canada (Quebec) on January 20, 2021 with the support of my cousin (Kevin Mockoyo) and my two friends (Rudy Mopenza and Merveille Batissek) under the number: 1176168632

Our mission is to contribute to the economic inclusion of Black People In Canada, In the World through education, entrepreneurship and employment.

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