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We believe that black people have great potential to effectively contribute to the local and global economy. We are confident that a better economic recovery after Covid-19 will be achieved with strong communities working in unity and more inclusive.

One of the direct consequences of systemic racism towards the black community is that their employment income is severely affected thus leading to the increase in poverty. For example, according to Statistics Canada in Montreal, black men are paid almost $16,000 less per year than non-black men and black women $9,000 less than non-black women and these wage differences exist in all cities in Canada;

Considering this discrimination, many blacks in Canada want to start a business of their own with the aim to increase their income and to build a better life for their family. For example, knowing that black people come from direct or indirect immigration, in Quebec 48.7% of immigrant men want to start a business compared to 17.3% of natives and 30.9% of immigrant women want to start a business compared to 14.9% of native women, according to a study made by the Entrepreneurship Foundation in 2018. This same study also revealed that 56% of these immigrants (including blacks) obtain insufficient or inadequate public funding compared to 41% of natives.

Poverty and social exclusion constitute obstacles to the protection and respect of human dignity. This is why this program's mission is to fight poverty among  the black community through entrepreneurship. The program will facilitate integration and participation in  society and will help to economically include blacks in Montréal  as well as in other cities in Canada.


We believe that our program will reinforce the sense of solidarity throughout Canada so that society as a whole may participate in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.


- We connect entrepreneurs through our website (as a member) or during networking event;

    - Entrepreneurs will do business and investment projects together (collective entrepreneurship);

  - Entrepreneurs/members will have access to our workshops and mentoring program for free;


- Entrepreneurs will pitch to our several investors partners

during our conference


Black people (entrepreneurs) and non-black people (entrepreneurs) associated with black entrepreneurs (owning at least 50% of the business / start up).

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